Mining Industry

Erich IT Solutions specialises in data management and processing, using MS Excel, MS Access and SQL Server.

We have a strong and proven record working with a number of mining companies in Australia since 2009.


The question I get asked time and again is "What do you actually do?"

Answer: We build software tools to assist you in your existing business operations, based on your design and with minimal business disruption.

Example 1

Say you have a large and sophisticated software system, which keeps track of your employees, production, finances but it doesn't do fleet management.

We can design and build you a fleet management program and in many cases be able to integrate your existing system. You will get reports when your licensing on your trucks will expire, how many km they travelled, fuel consumption and as many reports as you wish to design and build.

Example 2

A training manager is collecting training data from site using email and Excel Spreadsheets. Site sends an email with an Excel Spreadsheet containing training and hours employees completed.

Training manager now has to open each email, download the attachment, copy and paste all this information into a master Excel Spreadsheet.

Imagine how long it takes to do this every week and what will this Master Excel Spreadsheet look like in a years’ time. You will be struggling to find or make any reports of the data which is stored.

What we would do for you in this instance is build a program (based on your specifications), which would automatically read your Outlook emails, extract the attachments, scan and import training data into a custom built program.

What used to take 2 hours per week for example, now takes 5 sec. On top of that, you will be able to design and build any type of report from this data. Also you will be able to set alerts when somebody hasn't completed their training or when training is due.


Example 3

Automated group reminders to your employees to their emails or mobile phones.


Final Note:

Basically, there is not much we can't do. Any data processing within your organisation, regardless of your company size or what software systems you use, there will always be a time when you will need that extra edge.

We provide you with that edge by automating processes in your organisation, which of the shelf software cannot provide.

For more information on the quality of our work, examples of our work and associated costs, please contact us via our contact page or:

Phone: 1300 318 955
Email: support [at] erichit [dot] com [dot] au